Madness isn't a state of mind. Madness is a place. Let's go there, shall we? The protector and creator of Wonderland.

[AU and canon Alice. AU will be a modern day Alice and she is also the 1800s one. Both take place after AMR]

[Writer is 18+. Will RP smut and graphic gory content.]

[Based off of American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns]

[FC: Mary Elizabeth Winstead]

[Will RP with any fandom and any OC. Just message or make a starter with the tag aliceinsane.]


"I would of done the inbox kiss thing but I’ve already been kissed by you a couple of times." Smiles.

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    She blushes slightly. “Well I may faint. I sometimes do that around men.”
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    "One more couldn’t hurt, though, could it?" He winked, a playful smirk on his lips.